Little River Craft Station

Back in the mid 1980’s, the Little River Railway Station was in a sad state of disrepair. The branch line had closed on 30th June, 1962, and for some years the station had been occupied by the Wairewa County Council, before it, too, was abolished, and the area became under the jurisdiction of the Banks Peninsula District Council. As the station sat idle, there had been talk of demolishing it. But then a group of locals saw value in its history, and undertook its restoration. Some funds were forthcoming from the local council, but much of the work was done with volunteer labour. So it was fitting that on Labour Weekend of 1988, the Little River Craft Station opened its doors for the first time, displaying the wares of fifteen local artisans. On show were hand-spun woollen garments, turned timber products, paintings, as well as sheep skins and dried and fresh flowers. The Craft Station at that stage occupied the small area of the building that is now the museum, which also served as an Information Station. Since then, both the Craft and Information Stations have expanded to occupy a large part of the building, with the Little River Railway Station Trust (the body responsible for the station building) having a display area in what was once the Post Office. Work has been ongoing over the years, much of it still undertaken by volunteer labour. The Craft Station is not only an attraction for travellers, but a social centre for locals. All members of the Station donate a percentage of their earnings to a fund, which is then distributed to local charities.

Craft Station products